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Virtual Employees use to be a rarity.  Today they are part of every company and organization.  We have found out we do not have to be at the building to perform many of the jobs to keep an organization running effectively.  Most have found it a cost-effective alternative not needing a much office space, office equipment and telephone systems.

Now that you are adapting to this different paradigm, what type of virtual employee are you looking to bring on board?

Is having virtual employee(s) that will work after business hours at a lower rate of interest?

Some popular virtual employee types:

Customer Relations, Sales, Telemarketing, Administrative Assistant/ Secretarial

Web design and Maintenance, Finance, Insurance, Accounting

Education & Teacher Aide, Real Estate, Medical/ Dental, Non Profit

Marketing & Advertising, Automotive, Security & Video Survailance, Legal

We Provide Qualified Virtual Employees.

You train then on your specific processes and procedures.


* Insurance Information Association of MI

“I so enjoyed working with David. Your warm personality and skilled professionalism made working with you a breeze.  You have the unique ability to establish rapport with a client almost immediately, trusting their judgment of what they feel is right for their group and finding “talent” to fit the bill.”

* Michigan School Business Officials

“I have worked with David Pace several times over the past ten years and was very happy with his services.  Every business has an edge.  David’s edge is the personal service he provides.  He was always there to help with problems and make sure we were a satisfied customer.  Quite simply you don’t get that kind of service from many bureaus.  He is the “no hassle, got it covered” kind of business person I really appreciate.  I can unequivocally recommend and vouch for him!”

* Lilly Industries, Inc

“Thank you for the time and follow-up you devoted to us.  It was much appreciated, as well as noticed.  A lot of companies today do not dedicate customer service as you did.  We look forward to working with you again next year.”

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