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New Odyssey

Just when you think you've heard everything, you discover NEW ODYSSEY! Playing everywhere to the delight and surprise of their audiences, these three gentlemen perform literally on more than 30 MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS, a feat of cheerful abandon and confidence that is astonishing by any standard! Dynamic arrangements from Beethoven to the present mixed with some of the most original treatments of comedy, musical novelty, vocal acrobatics, special effects and lighting will create an event you will never forget. This virtuosic super group gets its roots from the prolific "show band" era of the early 1980's when it was common for top acts to perform elaborate shows consisting of diverse musical styles, dance music, comedic routines, and slots. Together since 1978, and originally a top Midwestern nightclub act NEW ODYSSEY made the successful transition to larger venues. They currently perform for businesses, corporations, state and county fairs, conventions, receptions, city festivals, schools, charitable functions, concerts, etc., throughout the United States. One of the most distinguishing features of NEW ODYSSEY is their extraordinary proficiency on literally dozens of musical instruments! These include not only traditional instruments; trumpets, piccolo trumpet, flugelhorn, valve trombone, marching trombone, bass trumpet, flutes, Sousaphone, saxophone, harmonica, roto drums, acoustic guitar, five string banjo, tenor banjo, bass guitar, electric guitars, accordion, melodica and the like, but also state of the art digital multi-midi keyboard, sequencer, and percussion set-ups. Band members include drummer, and comic GARY TODD, keyboardist and arranger GARY POLKOW, and string expert and lead vocalist MICHAEL JAY. Each member brings his own blend of humor and musicality to the stage. If you are considering entertainment for your upcoming function, look no further! NEW ODYSSEY exceeds all expectations! Their MUSICAL VERSATELITY, incredibly HUGE SOUND, mastery of COMEDY/NOVELTY, and FRILENDLY PERSONALITIES are carefully woven together to create a unique and memorable experience for all ages! NEW ODYSSEY .................... THE ABSOLUTE ULTIMATE

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